Tuesday, 8 December 2015


This is a moa award subject it is by me and I was expecting to get in but I didn't this is 6 things how to keep your ipad safe if you want to find out how to keep your iPad safe then watch this video.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Calf and lamb day 2014

Wayfaring down the road. All you could hear was "Baa". Calf's and lamb's encircled the grassy area.

Passenger train sat in the steamy sun. As kids wait to start leading them and calling them. Family's take a journey around all of the study class's to have a look at what there kids had preasembled.

Stomping around all of the steak's. Tugging with all my streanth. As snowflakes flashed before my eye's, Judging started 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. My chance of winning had been killed.

Screaming and shouting came from my mouth. As I started to  exclaim for snowflake . Snowflake  legs were the boss, As she ran in the opposite direction. As a scowl stuck to my face.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015

Koby and Jordan at the skatepark

In the weekends I went to the skate park in manaia. I saw Koby and Jordan and my brownies. Hayley fell over it didn't hurt then Koby fell over and Jordan fell on top of him. Koby can do jumps Jordan can do small jumps not very high. Koby can spin around on the bumps on his scooters I like it when he does those kind of jumps. The boys we're showing off in front of the girls it was funny. When Hayley fell over she got a little bit of blood but not a lot. Koby started to laugh and I did to. We only had 5-10 minutes to play Koby and  Jordan and Hayley had heap of mud on there legs when we left the skatepark we went back to manaia hall were do brownies and we bandaged Hayley up then it was time to go home. So we took Hayley back to her place we thought narell wasn't home but she was we we're about to go down to the farm but we didn't Leighton came to answer the door. Then went home and had tea and some Coke soda.

Monday, 2 November 2015

McKenna's birthday

In the weekends I went to McKenna's house for a hollowen party and a sleepover. We went trick or treating at McKenna's house I was dropping my lollies on the tramp and Bailey McKenna's dog ate them. I was wearing a which coustum I had a Whitch hat and a Whitch stick it was long but it did not fly I couldn't sit on it because I would fall of the stick. I got lots of candy to eat. Then it was 9:00 my parents had left they said by to me before they went they gave me a huge hug and a beautiful butterfly kiss it was a little won. McKenna and I went to bed at 11:35 it was really late to go to bed for me I could hardly keep my eyes open I went to sleep half way throw the party but it still was fun.
After that it was the rugby we had to wake up at 3:35 to watch it it sure was a good movie and the all blakes won it was a very cool game hemi McKenna's dad had to watch it after milking because otherwise the cows would get saw and they wouldn't be happy at him.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Calf and lamb day

Room 5 made piri creations for calf and lamb day. We got two paper bands and put woll around them and then we cut them out. It was fun doing it. After that we made clay gumboots to put on our piris. They were hard to make. I brung a lamb her name was Elsa. She didn't do well in leading. I came 3rd in calling. I loved calf and lamb day because there was lots of food. There was an oction my mum made a cake and it was a yummy carrot cake. It was sold for $259.00. There was lots of cakes there to. Quinn's mum also made a carrot cake.it was a really fun day. I got no prizes in my piri creation and I didn't get it in anything else. I felt excited about the day.  

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

In the holiday's I went to Teagues birthday at the pools. When we got there, there was lots of yummy food I started to get hungry. When we jumped in the pool Alyssa and Lara went in the little pool it was fun in the big pool I played with Catherine and Lara. After it we had some cake it was delicious. Mackenna was there. It was really fun there. After we left the pools we went to new plymouth and we brought some close for Lara and then we went to kfc Alyssa stubbed her toe and it started to bleed then we went home.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Elsa And Anna ABC

This is a song that alyssa like to watch with me i love it because it is anna and elsa song and I like elsa and anna. I love this song and because it helps you with your alphabet. This is a good song to hear. Anna and elsa are the best of all the disney princess.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Cinderella story

Once upon a time, a rich man lived with his wife and daughter. But his wife was very ill. She asked to see her daughter for the last time. She said " Dear child, be good and kind to everyone. I will be near you always and watching up from heaven. Always remember that God will protect you for your life. Then her mother died she was really sad. " Oh mother! I promise to be good and Kind like you said I love you. One day she said to her father oh I think it is time for me to leave this home and her father said yes so she left. She visited her Mum`s grave mostly everyday she was really sad that her mum had died. After a little while she married a prince and she became a princess she told the prince all about how her mum died she was happy after a mouth because they got married and brought a  and there was a garden and they got married and lived happily ever after. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

About people that raced at the North Pole

About Robert peary who is robert peary?
robert peary was and american explorer robert and his team were the first team in the world to go the north pole. Robert has been and fased many dangers amd robert proved them all wrong

Robert loved to read book when he was little and he read about greenland. He was really happy about the ice and snow. robert joined the united states navy.
robert wanted to go north but navy sent him to south Nicaragua in central America robert met matthew henson he became a loyal friend.
 robert took time off the navy he was still dreaming of finding the north pole
roberts risk of life has happened to many times trying to get there.
Robert knew that robert and his team needed a special.

1,002 hits

Thank you guys for getting me to 1,002 hits you are the best.
Hi everyone
My name is Regan
I had my frist netball game at school. I never knew that my mum was coming to watch me play netball. Netball  is about having a go and trying your best I think everyone would do a good job in netball.  Have you ever had a real game of netball?
 I have played 6 games this year so answer all this in comments I hope you like my blog. And just to tell you I have got one cat boy and his name is hunter Also my sister Lara  played netball at Auroa school last mouth to. She she is in the same team as me. I go to Auroa  school and I play in a netball team and play in a hockey team.  Do  you play any sports? So you do play sports  answer this in comments what you play? I think that all of you who are looking at my blog I think you will do well in every sport. When I was playing in Opunake for a netball game and had a fell  over grazed my leg and grazed my hand a little bit. I came off. My coach asked me if I wanted to come back on and I said no because it really hurt. It  was a big court a big square colourful court.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Yesterday I went out and there was bulls out in the paddock we got to pat one Alyssa is in her pjs and so I am.


Brownies is all about sharing and caring and we all have to agree on everything.
Our Brownie leader is Rhonda.
She is a curly hair lady and she has brown eyes too.
She leads our Brownie group. Brownies is every Thursday 4pm- 5.30pm.

We go for camps every year we normally go some where near a beach.
We have 10 badges to complete in the time at Brownies.
There are lots of different badges to earn. But there is one badge that nobody has ever completed
It is called the 9 up badge. And I want to be the first to compete it.

At Brownies we do all sorts of cool things. We play outside and go to Mania school and play on the playground.

So Join Girl Guides

About my family

Hi my name is Regan 
I am 8 years old
I like to eat healthy things
I hate ice cream and lollies
I go to bed at 6.00pm or 6.30
I have a cat his name is hunter
Hunter is 0 years old and he likes playing 
His birthday is 5 of October 
He loves cuddles and kisses 
He likes eating cat bickies and he likes to drink milk
I love my family.

Friday, 25 September 2015

The amazing day

The door slambed shut as we went to go to our uncil and anties to do some amazing work gardening.
As I jumped out of the car they came out to see us after having a little bit of gardening we had some lunch i helped make lunch it was amazing we had club sndwhiches which our friend made we had saugaues and lots more food it was delicious we also had drinks we had leamonade and ginger bear yum yum in my tum. After that i got my charming shoes on and went for a walk around then I saw lara and alyssa they were playing teachers I wanted to play so I asked and they said yes so we played togeither then they both had to go toilet so I waited outside for them then it was time to go so we packed up and went home then we unpacked the car since we were being nice and good we played togeither again. I loved that day it sure was a fun day.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rise of the guardians

The story of Jack Frost there is a bunny there is Santa there is tooth fairy and the is jack I love this movie.

The boaring day

 On Sunday it was boaring so we had lunch and then we sat down and we watched a movie it was rise of the guardians at the start jack frost was skating on the ice and he slips and he looked up at the moon. He was in the forest and he was invisible he wanted to now where he was so he asked people but they could not see him. Then after the movie had finished we had some caramel cake it was delishes. It was a awesome day!

Cross country

Room 5  went to the Mt Spa inter school cross country competition on Thursday to represent our school! Students run in their age groups except 7 and 8 year olds who all run together with the nine year olds. So the competition is extremely hard to get placed when you are up against the big guns. Anyway, some people got placed some people didn't  an amazing effort as they are only 7 and eight it was a amazing run for them way to go to the people that got to n the finals if you didn't it doesn't matter you might try a bit harder next year. We are all so proud of you gise that got to go. Well done you gise. Well done to the people that finished it you gise did so well. Good work! Keep up the great work at cross country if you keep up the great work you might become famous!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Erin's book lornch

On Saturday there was a book lornch Erin write a book about the little boy that wanted a dinasour tail. After the story had finished we had some  dinasour cake and some dinasour biscuits there was some activities like how to make a difference dinasour tails. After that we went out for Lunch we went to McDonald's I had a drink a wrap and some chips they were yummy.

Monday, 14 September 2015

                                              The Science Fair

On Wendesday the 16th Auroa School is having a science fair from 9am-8pm it is where  the class rooms will show all there work that thy have done in class for science. we will be doing it at the asembly hall and you can pull your child out of class so they can show you what they have done. Also Room 5 is having a vote the top five will be going in the moa awards and i have done a graphic desgn poster for it what time you will need to be there by and where it is so you can come to school and see it it is very cool. vote for the best it is mine and hayley we are the best buddys ever. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Ants and the grasshopper

Let me in! Let me in! I am freezing out here. Why should we let you in you have done nothing to help us all summer replied the ants you spent the entire summer doing nothing oh I did so I made music for you.
What can I do for you to let everyone in  I can play music maybe but that's no good for us. Anything else I can hop how about all the creatures are having a celebration for the start of summer. You can come to it.
You can only come if you do more work.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cross country

The whole school have been practising for five weeks now and we are getting fitter every day. 
By next Friday, we are going to be amazing race balls of fit excitement! Room 5 sure like cross country training.Keep up the super effort Room 5!

Daffodil day

 On Friday Auroa school had Daffodil Day. Auroa School raised money for the Cancer society to support there cancer. The Student Council had for sale teddies, badges, pens and daffodils. They were also giving away stickers. We also had a colouring competition for the students who were inspired to give their colouring in skills a whirl. Well done to the winners and all the supporters of Daffodil Day. I hope you had a good day thankyou for fundraising.

Friday, 4 September 2015


There was  a school disco my friend McKenna went and me I went as and angel there was lollies and we got to go up onto stage I loved it so did my friend some people did not go to the disco but I went because it was on a gold coin donations the money that we spend goes towards getting a new sang pit because Room 5 is getting a new class room witch it really cool.


The sun set just behind a hill in the distance. As people swish past you on there unique bycicles. The Iffel tower stood up covering the land of Paris. The smell of fresh bread rolls filled the air as you walked by.  Walking past an entrance way you could see a black hat infront with a mining person in the back. But when the time was right you would be able to sit up on the highest hill and watch the sun set. Paris is a place were romance is found. Paris is were there is 1,000's of fancy restuarant's saround the town. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Alyssa's birthday

On the last day of June it was Alyssa's  frozen birthday we went to chipmunks Alyssa got to take three friends they were Hannah,Lorolei and Lauren after we had 2 hours at chipmunks we went to McDonald's for lunch.We all in joyed it.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Who is Robert Peary?

Robert Peary was a famous America explorer.
He and his friends were the first people to reach the North Pole. Robert Peary faced a lot of dangers along the way, but never gave up. Many people thought that reaching the pole was impossible but Peary proved them all wrong. Robert Peary was born in the USA in 1856. Robert Peary reached the North Pole and lived there for the rest of his life. By the beginning of 20th century, there was few places that had not been explored by Europeans.  

Friday, 28 August 2015


I play hockey in Stratford and the coaches choose the best player and they choose me because I a goal for them I got a chocolate bar it was delicious. I love hockey because you get to run around and you get fit.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

What I definitely did not do in the Holiday!
Have a go at eating 20 ice creams.
Octopus fishing
Lying on a lion like a fish.
Ice skating like a panda.
Dip my hand and feet into soft liquid.
Apple picking like a elephant.
Yesterday I went to Iceland.
Stink bug catching.
But I  was lucky enough to...
Go swimming in the hawera pools with McKenna.  
By Regan

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Matariki day

Matariki is a group of stars that stay together all the time at night. Matariki stars come out at the end of  May or beginning of June. When the next new moon appears in the evening sky, that  is a sign of the traditional Māori new year.At this time of year you can see it in the early morning sky before dawn.Matariki is a thing to do with planting and harvesting the stars are used for all the seas around New Zealand the seven sisters are the seven stars.  Have you ever looked at the night sky and gazed at the stars you might have seen a group of have seven stars called.The Matariki has a real name called the  seven sisters the seven sisters are a group of stars that stay in the sky to get ready for the night.The old stories tell us when the stars shine brightly and tell old stories. It is a time to share stories, for learning about land and how to look after it. Have you ever looked up at the stars in the night sky you  might have seen a group of seven stars called Matariki. The mori cluster is only seen in New Zealand at a certain time in winter. Really there are hundreds of stars in the  group,  although most are only visible using telescope.  

About me

My name is Regan I'm 8 years old my birthday is May I like being kind and caring.My favourite subject in school is art,writing,Maths and reading.I've got two sisters their names are Lara and Alyssa  they are nice.Lara is ten and Alyssa is five.I live by a dairy farm  but I do not work there I live in Auroa I'm year 4. I go to Auroa School my teachers name is Mrs Ericsson. I don't like to eat ice cream. I don't like barbie or tractor,or trucks. I love diggers. Alyssa Birthday is in June Lara birthday is February.I've got a cat named Hunter his birthday is in October. I'm keen to do anything.
Thank you for viewing my blog.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Georgia's party

On Monday night it was Georgia's birthday party it was fun because we got to go in her car to her place first we had to get dressed into our clothes so we don't have to stay in our school clothes then we had dinner and then we opened up the presents after that we had some games the games where past the pastel and lots more games I won past the pastel I got nail polish,lipstick and lots more I love lipstick and lipbarm. Then Georgia's mum said it is time to go so we can all get home to bed Caris was the first person to get dropped of then it was me.
 This week Room 5  have been working really hard on our science experiments.We got to choose buddys my buddy was Hayley she is a new girl to Auroa School. Hayley and Ichoose to do cottage cheese because you can eat it and it is very healthey for you.  We needed parents help so Hayley got her Mum and I got my Mum to help us.  Hayleys Mum nows how to make cottage cheese because she has to resipe to make it.My  Mum doesn`t now how to make it but my Mum is a very good cook.

Friday, 14 August 2015

The wild stone

Thump! Thump! Thump! I was running through the forest as the trees were crashing into my face and the creature were chasing me.
I stopped as my heart was pumping like a herd of elephants running. Oh no! A cliff! What way 
am I going to go. jump? As I jumped the creature were barking.
 There was lights underr water it was like a town.
As I got out of the water I fell Down!
I fell throw clouds past mountain by waterfalls and even a grassland. Then suddenly I woke up and there was a camouflage cloud man in front of me. All I could see was very light white blue In front of me. I was terrified I did not know where I was. I was in a camouflage man hand. I was saved. Then I got out of his hand and we sat down on the beach together. Then we became friends. Oh no the dogs found me! Ahhhhhhh! What am I going to do. Oh no they jumped on the camouflage man what happened has he died?I started to cry I was his best friend I only was his friend for an hour it was really sad to see when he was falling down. But the creature were scared of me like I was scared of them.Then I chased them back to their home and I went went home and cooked dinner for me I had a salad it was so delicious after that I went to bed again so I could have a good sleep. When I woke up I went for another walk in the forest so I could have a fresh walk.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

On Thursday we had no school because there was a lot of rain the night before so lots of people wouldn't be able to get to school. So  we had the day of. My  family went for a ride to go see where it was flooding. There  was a lot of swimming pools in the paddocks . There  was even flooding across the road. My mum and Lara went into town and alyssa and I stayed at our friends house. It was really fun.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Yesterday the final rugby for auroa happened yesterday. We faced st Joes we only lost by three points behind. We went out to watch the rugby and ran to Mrs Alud and said what's the score she just said st joes is winning. Than it started pouring down so we walked smartly back to class so the other people thought that they were so impressed with us Regan and I thought that the rugby game was going really well. I like how all the rugby boys always get stuck in with rugby.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The clock tower

In the olden days there was a beautiful princess that lived in a clock tower. She had  beautiful golden brown hair and she has brown eyes and she likes to wear dresses. She loves to dance in the clock tower.the princess peeped out the window and stopped dancing.when the beautiful princess stepped outside the world steps and went black and white.when she goes back inside the tower starts to start again and a blue balloon came in and said hi.when she got on the cog she started to dance again. Then the clock starts again. Then the world goes colourful again.

My wild self

My wild self

In room 5 we did a my wild self even mrs E and mrs D did a my wild self.we did our wild self at Auroa school first, Mrs E picked our buddy's and gave us an iMac air each second, I searched up my wild self then I started I done the legs. I also done my wild head I picked a girl because I'm a girl I have a special power and I have been working the thunder and lightning yayaya it freeked everyone out I also  had too  laced shoes I put glasses on so I looked funny.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Caris's toilet broke down

On Saturday Caris's toilet broke down and our boss mark Logan's dad order a portal  which is a toilet in a little rectangle box it has a lock. So dad and I went into town and got it I had only seen one on TV and there can be different ones. We now knew what was the problem the water as coming from all the rain and flooded to our to lit pipe outside. Logan's dad had to use Ashley's and cat lens pops diger to get it to stop leaking. Dad said to us that we only use the portal when we really need to go and not welly Nelly when ever.
My wild self

Room 5 and Mrs Ericsson did a thing with room 1 iMac airs. It was called my wild self. First I got onto Chrome and wrote it up in the search bar. After I put the ears on my girl. We got to choose if we wanted to have a girl or a boy. I put the t.shirt  and skirt on her. A few minutes later I put the hair, shoes and arms. At last I put the butterfly wings on her. She is a beautiful animal.
From Regan 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sleepover at McKenna's house

On Saturday my family went to McKenna's house for dinner. McKenna's mum said to my mum dose Regan want to stay over at my house.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Holiday to Rotorua

At Rotorua 
 First we had to drive there. The first thing that I smelt was rotten egg it was so gross. Our number that we are staying in is numer 11 yesterday we went to see a hot feet relaxing fabulous hot pool we put or hands in not our feet. On Saturday first we are going to the hot pools were you get in your togs and you swim. Then we are going to the market then today we will be going on the gondolas  to the gross jelly beans shop if it is not raining.We got the game of the yuck jelly beans.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Netball game

Today was Wednesday and it was raining at Auroa School. It was my first netball game.  I was super exited when I was playing. My coach is Trent, he is a boy who is a very good coach.  He knows alot about netball.
The first game starts at 3:30 and finishes at 4:00pm. My frist bib was centre. It was fun but a bit hard to throw the ball to my team. We got a goal.  It was funny when we got the goal because Sammy is small and she got the goal. Sammy is very good at netball, she is nice and kind to people at school. I like Sammy because she brings colouring books and pencils to school when it is wet so we can colour in. 
From Regan