Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Yesterday the final rugby for auroa happened yesterday. We faced st Joes we only lost by three points behind. We went out to watch the rugby and ran to Mrs Alud and said what's the score she just said st joes is winning. Than it started pouring down so we walked smartly back to class so the other people thought that they were so impressed with us Regan and I thought that the rugby game was going really well. I like how all the rugby boys always get stuck in with rugby.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The clock tower

In the olden days there was a beautiful princess that lived in a clock tower. She had  beautiful golden brown hair and she has brown eyes and she likes to wear dresses. She loves to dance in the clock tower.the princess peeped out the window and stopped dancing.when the beautiful princess stepped outside the world steps and went black and white.when she goes back inside the tower starts to start again and a blue balloon came in and said hi.when she got on the cog she started to dance again. Then the clock starts again. Then the world goes colourful again.

My wild self

My wild self

In room 5 we did a my wild self even mrs E and mrs D did a my wild self.we did our wild self at Auroa school first, Mrs E picked our buddy's and gave us an iMac air each second, I searched up my wild self then I started I done the legs. I also done my wild head I picked a girl because I'm a girl I have a special power and I have been working the thunder and lightning yayaya it freeked everyone out I also  had too  laced shoes I put glasses on so I looked funny.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Caris's toilet broke down

On Saturday Caris's toilet broke down and our boss mark Logan's dad order a portal  which is a toilet in a little rectangle box it has a lock. So dad and I went into town and got it I had only seen one on TV and there can be different ones. We now knew what was the problem the water as coming from all the rain and flooded to our to lit pipe outside. Logan's dad had to use Ashley's and cat lens pops diger to get it to stop leaking. Dad said to us that we only use the portal when we really need to go and not welly Nelly when ever.
My wild self

Room 5 and Mrs Ericsson did a thing with room 1 iMac airs. It was called my wild self. First I got onto Chrome and wrote it up in the search bar. After I put the ears on my girl. We got to choose if we wanted to have a girl or a boy. I put the t.shirt  and skirt on her. A few minutes later I put the hair, shoes and arms. At last I put the butterfly wings on her. She is a beautiful animal.
From Regan 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sleepover at McKenna's house

On Saturday my family went to McKenna's house for dinner. McKenna's mum said to my mum dose Regan want to stay over at my house.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Holiday to Rotorua

At Rotorua 
 First we had to drive there. The first thing that I smelt was rotten egg it was so gross. Our number that we are staying in is numer 11 yesterday we went to see a hot feet relaxing fabulous hot pool we put or hands in not our feet. On Saturday first we are going to the hot pools were you get in your togs and you swim. Then we are going to the market then today we will be going on the gondolas  to the gross jelly beans shop if it is not raining.We got the game of the yuck jelly beans.