Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Yesterday I went out and there was bulls out in the paddock we got to pat one Alyssa is in her pjs and so I am.


Brownies is all about sharing and caring and we all have to agree on everything.
Our Brownie leader is Rhonda.
She is a curly hair lady and she has brown eyes too.
She leads our Brownie group. Brownies is every Thursday 4pm- 5.30pm.

We go for camps every year we normally go some where near a beach.
We have 10 badges to complete in the time at Brownies.
There are lots of different badges to earn. But there is one badge that nobody has ever completed
It is called the 9 up badge. And I want to be the first to compete it.

At Brownies we do all sorts of cool things. We play outside and go to Mania school and play on the playground.

So Join Girl Guides

About my family

Hi my name is Regan 
I am 8 years old
I like to eat healthy things
I hate ice cream and lollies
I go to bed at 6.00pm or 6.30
I have a cat his name is hunter
Hunter is 0 years old and he likes playing 
His birthday is 5 of October 
He loves cuddles and kisses 
He likes eating cat bickies and he likes to drink milk
I love my family.

Friday, 25 September 2015

The amazing day

The door slambed shut as we went to go to our uncil and anties to do some amazing work gardening.
As I jumped out of the car they came out to see us after having a little bit of gardening we had some lunch i helped make lunch it was amazing we had club sndwhiches which our friend made we had saugaues and lots more food it was delicious we also had drinks we had leamonade and ginger bear yum yum in my tum. After that i got my charming shoes on and went for a walk around then I saw lara and alyssa they were playing teachers I wanted to play so I asked and they said yes so we played togeither then they both had to go toilet so I waited outside for them then it was time to go so we packed up and went home then we unpacked the car since we were being nice and good we played togeither again. I loved that day it sure was a fun day.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rise of the guardians

The story of Jack Frost there is a bunny there is Santa there is tooth fairy and the is jack I love this movie.

The boaring day

 On Sunday it was boaring so we had lunch and then we sat down and we watched a movie it was rise of the guardians at the start jack frost was skating on the ice and he slips and he looked up at the moon. He was in the forest and he was invisible he wanted to now where he was so he asked people but they could not see him. Then after the movie had finished we had some caramel cake it was delishes. It was a awesome day!

Cross country

Room 5  went to the Mt Spa inter school cross country competition on Thursday to represent our school! Students run in their age groups except 7 and 8 year olds who all run together with the nine year olds. So the competition is extremely hard to get placed when you are up against the big guns. Anyway, some people got placed some people didn't  an amazing effort as they are only 7 and eight it was a amazing run for them way to go to the people that got to n the finals if you didn't it doesn't matter you might try a bit harder next year. We are all so proud of you gise that got to go. Well done you gise. Well done to the people that finished it you gise did so well. Good work! Keep up the great work at cross country if you keep up the great work you might become famous!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Erin's book lornch

On Saturday there was a book lornch Erin write a book about the little boy that wanted a dinasour tail. After the story had finished we had some  dinasour cake and some dinasour biscuits there was some activities like how to make a difference dinasour tails. After that we went out for Lunch we went to McDonald's I had a drink a wrap and some chips they were yummy.

Monday, 14 September 2015

                                              The Science Fair

On Wendesday the 16th Auroa School is having a science fair from 9am-8pm it is where  the class rooms will show all there work that thy have done in class for science. we will be doing it at the asembly hall and you can pull your child out of class so they can show you what they have done. Also Room 5 is having a vote the top five will be going in the moa awards and i have done a graphic desgn poster for it what time you will need to be there by and where it is so you can come to school and see it it is very cool. vote for the best it is mine and hayley we are the best buddys ever. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Ants and the grasshopper

Let me in! Let me in! I am freezing out here. Why should we let you in you have done nothing to help us all summer replied the ants you spent the entire summer doing nothing oh I did so I made music for you.
What can I do for you to let everyone in  I can play music maybe but that's no good for us. Anything else I can hop how about all the creatures are having a celebration for the start of summer. You can come to it.
You can only come if you do more work.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cross country

The whole school have been practising for five weeks now and we are getting fitter every day. 
By next Friday, we are going to be amazing race balls of fit excitement! Room 5 sure like cross country training.Keep up the super effort Room 5!

Daffodil day

 On Friday Auroa school had Daffodil Day. Auroa School raised money for the Cancer society to support there cancer. The Student Council had for sale teddies, badges, pens and daffodils. They were also giving away stickers. We also had a colouring competition for the students who were inspired to give their colouring in skills a whirl. Well done to the winners and all the supporters of Daffodil Day. I hope you had a good day thankyou for fundraising.

Friday, 4 September 2015


There was  a school disco my friend McKenna went and me I went as and angel there was lollies and we got to go up onto stage I loved it so did my friend some people did not go to the disco but I went because it was on a gold coin donations the money that we spend goes towards getting a new sang pit because Room 5 is getting a new class room witch it really cool.


The sun set just behind a hill in the distance. As people swish past you on there unique bycicles. The Iffel tower stood up covering the land of Paris. The smell of fresh bread rolls filled the air as you walked by.  Walking past an entrance way you could see a black hat infront with a mining person in the back. But when the time was right you would be able to sit up on the highest hill and watch the sun set. Paris is a place were romance is found. Paris is were there is 1,000's of fancy restuarant's saround the town. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Alyssa's birthday

On the last day of June it was Alyssa's  frozen birthday we went to chipmunks Alyssa got to take three friends they were Hannah,Lorolei and Lauren after we had 2 hours at chipmunks we went to McDonald's for lunch.We all in joyed it.