Thursday, 22 October 2015

Calf and lamb day

Room 5 made piri creations for calf and lamb day. We got two paper bands and put woll around them and then we cut them out. It was fun doing it. After that we made clay gumboots to put on our piris. They were hard to make. I brung a lamb her name was Elsa. She didn't do well in leading. I came 3rd in calling. I loved calf and lamb day because there was lots of food. There was an oction my mum made a cake and it was a yummy carrot cake. It was sold for $259.00. There was lots of cakes there to. Quinn's mum also made a carrot was a really fun day. I got no prizes in my piri creation and I didn't get it in anything else. I felt excited about the day.  

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

In the holiday's I went to Teagues birthday at the pools. When we got there, there was lots of yummy food I started to get hungry. When we jumped in the pool Alyssa and Lara went in the little pool it was fun in the big pool I played with Catherine and Lara. After it we had some cake it was delicious. Mackenna was there. It was really fun there. After we left the pools we went to new plymouth and we brought some close for Lara and then we went to kfc Alyssa stubbed her toe and it started to bleed then we went home.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Elsa And Anna ABC

This is a song that alyssa like to watch with me i love it because it is anna and elsa song and I like elsa and anna. I love this song and because it helps you with your alphabet. This is a good song to hear. Anna and elsa are the best of all the disney princess.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Cinderella story

Once upon a time, a rich man lived with his wife and daughter. But his wife was very ill. She asked to see her daughter for the last time. She said " Dear child, be good and kind to everyone. I will be near you always and watching up from heaven. Always remember that God will protect you for your life. Then her mother died she was really sad. " Oh mother! I promise to be good and Kind like you said I love you. One day she said to her father oh I think it is time for me to leave this home and her father said yes so she left. She visited her Mum`s grave mostly everyday she was really sad that her mum had died. After a little while she married a prince and she became a princess she told the prince all about how her mum died she was happy after a mouth because they got married and brought a  and there was a garden and they got married and lived happily ever after. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

About people that raced at the North Pole

About Robert peary who is robert peary?
robert peary was and american explorer robert and his team were the first team in the world to go the north pole. Robert has been and fased many dangers amd robert proved them all wrong

Robert loved to read book when he was little and he read about greenland. He was really happy about the ice and snow. robert joined the united states navy.
robert wanted to go north but navy sent him to south Nicaragua in central America robert met matthew henson he became a loyal friend.
 robert took time off the navy he was still dreaming of finding the north pole
roberts risk of life has happened to many times trying to get there.
Robert knew that robert and his team needed a special.

1,002 hits

Thank you guys for getting me to 1,002 hits you are the best.
Hi everyone
My name is Regan
I had my frist netball game at school. I never knew that my mum was coming to watch me play netball. Netball  is about having a go and trying your best I think everyone would do a good job in netball.  Have you ever had a real game of netball?
 I have played 6 games this year so answer all this in comments I hope you like my blog. And just to tell you I have got one cat boy and his name is hunter Also my sister Lara  played netball at Auroa school last mouth to. She she is in the same team as me. I go to Auroa  school and I play in a netball team and play in a hockey team.  Do  you play any sports? So you do play sports  answer this in comments what you play? I think that all of you who are looking at my blog I think you will do well in every sport. When I was playing in Opunake for a netball game and had a fell  over grazed my leg and grazed my hand a little bit. I came off. My coach asked me if I wanted to come back on and I said no because it really hurt. It  was a big court a big square colourful court.