Monday, 9 November 2015

Koby and Jordan at the skatepark

In the weekends I went to the skate park in manaia. I saw Koby and Jordan and my brownies. Hayley fell over it didn't hurt then Koby fell over and Jordan fell on top of him. Koby can do jumps Jordan can do small jumps not very high. Koby can spin around on the bumps on his scooters I like it when he does those kind of jumps. The boys we're showing off in front of the girls it was funny. When Hayley fell over she got a little bit of blood but not a lot. Koby started to laugh and I did to. We only had 5-10 minutes to play Koby and  Jordan and Hayley had heap of mud on there legs when we left the skatepark we went back to manaia hall were do brownies and we bandaged Hayley up then it was time to go home. So we took Hayley back to her place we thought narell wasn't home but she was we we're about to go down to the farm but we didn't Leighton came to answer the door. Then went home and had tea and some Coke soda.

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