Monday, 2 November 2015

McKenna's birthday

In the weekends I went to McKenna's house for a hollowen party and a sleepover. We went trick or treating at McKenna's house I was dropping my lollies on the tramp and Bailey McKenna's dog ate them. I was wearing a which coustum I had a Whitch hat and a Whitch stick it was long but it did not fly I couldn't sit on it because I would fall of the stick. I got lots of candy to eat. Then it was 9:00 my parents had left they said by to me before they went they gave me a huge hug and a beautiful butterfly kiss it was a little won. McKenna and I went to bed at 11:35 it was really late to go to bed for me I could hardly keep my eyes open I went to sleep half way throw the party but it still was fun.
After that it was the rugby we had to wake up at 3:35 to watch it it sure was a good movie and the all blakes won it was a very cool game hemi McKenna's dad had to watch it after milking because otherwise the cows would get saw and they wouldn't be happy at him.

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